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    (CHINA) and Zhengzhou
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    Sales / Fresh Graduate

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Founded in 1985, Xian-Janssen Pharmaceutical Ltd. has since grown into one of China’s largest pharmaceutical joint-venture, becoming Johnson & Johnson’s largest branch on the Mainland.Its production facilities are located in Xi’an, with offices in 28 cities; together employing more than 3,000 people.The company produces and markets high-quality products and biologics in the areas of gastrointestinal disease, neurology, psychiatry, immunology, pain control, infectious disease, and oncology. The company is also committed to providing health services and developing public health education.


Established and productive individual contributor, who works under moderate supervision. Helps implement projects, programs, and processes in support of the organization's overall Clinical Sales - Hospital/Hospital Systems strategy. Applies practical knowledge of the Clinical Sales - Hospital/Hospital Systems field to administer best in class policies, procedures, and plans for the area.


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