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Job Description & Qualifications

The Johnson & Johnson-Xi'an Janssen Pharmaceutical Management Trainee Program aims to train young talents to become future leaders in the pharmaceutical field.The project sets a series of comprehensive and diverse training methods around creed values, corporate thinking models, business capabilities and leadership behaviors. Over the past 12 years, the project has helped more than one hundred outstanding college graduates to grow rapidly, and the project graduates have maintained high performance and high retention rates.

Join the project and you will get

  • Industry-leading talent development system combining practice and training:

In this "Whampoa Military Academy" in the pharmaceutical industry, you will experience three key positions within three years (including but not limited to sales, marketing, channel and business management, government affairs and access, and the rotation of strategic markets and other departments Opportunities) to help you build insights into the pharmaceutical industry in an all-round way, combine professional and leadership training to quickly improve your abilities.

  • Senior managers help you to achieve diversified career acceleration:

We will provide excellent you with a diversified development platform, where you will receive direct tutoring from senior and excellent managers; regular dialogues with Chinese, Asia-Pacific, and global executives to listen to their professional success experience; participating in management will understand the company’s Strategy and direction.

  • The "Guan Trainee Alumni Association" brings a strong network of contacts:

We will develop a wealth of training and activities for management trainees. The “Johnson & Johnson Management Trainee” project will build a cross-departmental and cross-functional management trainee exchange platform for you. The “Partner Program” will help you quickly integrate into the team. "Lectures and sharing provide you with the opportunity to learn from the role models around you.The alumni association will also become your valuable network resource and broaden your career development path.

  • Attractive salary package and employee benefits:

Responsible to employees, committed to creating an environment conducive to employee development, paying attention to employees' family and health, and enhancing professional well-being, this is deeply rooted in our creed values ​​for more than 70 years.We have specially created a competitive salary structure for management trainee rotation.

We look for

  • 2020/2021 graduates-Bachelor degree or above, majors in medicine, pharmacy, biology, chemical engineering are preferred;

Job Skills/Competencies Required

  • Honest, active and enthusiastic, able to motivate themselves;
  • Good problem analysis, problem solving and planning skills;
  • Good communication skills and interpersonal skills and teamwork spirit;
  • Have the courage to accept challenges, be able to work under pressure, and have strong organizational and coordination skills;
  • Accept the rotation of multiple positions in different cities;
  • Excellent English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
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