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china MR (Medical Representative) Intern

  • Location
    (CHINA) and Cangzhou
  • Job Reference
  • Functional Area/Experience
    Sales / Fresh Graduate

Job Description & Qualifications

We are uniting science, technology and talent to get ahead of disease together.

  • Learn the basic process of visiting a hospital, follow the representatives to observe how they visit doctors, and learn the basic skills of visiting doctors;
  • Learn to record questions reported by doctors, submit them to representatives to confirm whether the records are correct, and learn to make visit plans;
  • Learn the process of holding department meetings, including learning to arrange meeting locations and learning to collect meals for meetings. Learn to take meeting minutes and submit them to representatives for confirmation.
  • Participate in the company's regional manager management meeting to understand the job responsibilities and related requirements of medical representatives.


  • 1.24/25 junior college/undergraduate student,
  • Medicine, pharmacy, biochemistry, public health background is preferred
  • Patience, carefulness, sincerity, and a certain ability to withstand stress

internship period

  • At least 3 days a week
  • Internship for at least 3 months

Internship benefits

College/undergraduate students 150/day

Why Us?

GSK is a global biopharma company with a special purpose – to unite science, technology and talent to get ahead of disease together – so we can positively impact the health of billions of people and deliver stronger, more sustainable shareholder returns – as an organization where people can thrive. Getting ahead means preventing disease as well as treating it, and we aim to positively impact the health of 2.5 billion people by the end of 2030.

Our success absolutely depends on our people. While getting ahead of disease together is about our ambition for patients and shareholders, it’s also about making GSK a place where people can thrive. We want GSK to be a workplace where everyone can feel a sense of belonging and thrive as set out in our Equal and Inclusive Treatment of Employees policy. We’re committed to being more proactive at all levels so that our workforce reflects the communities we work and hire in, and our GSK leadership reflects our GSK workforce.

Job Skills/Competencies Required

Patience, carefulness, sincerity, and a certain ability to withstand stress


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