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china Matching engineer (two-wheeled vehicle)

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    (CHINA) and Suzhou, Jiangsu
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    Engineering / Fresh Graduate

Job Description & Qualifications

Motorcycle and Powersports ABS application and verification, evaluation, and e-Scooter testing related tasks, function moduls including ABS/MTC/DTC/C-ABS and so on, to provide innovation, supporting engineering, and expertise competency to segments with high efficiency and effectiveness. Establishing personal Motorcycle and Powersports ABS application capability, furthermore improving application competency aligned with global central engineering.

Ensure fulfillment of specific requirements from customers.

Know-How & Training

  • Develops personal Motorcycle ABS application skills and overview of system.
  • Build up fully understanding for whole system each module by each module.
  • Accomplish and master Engineering training, achieve training target from superiors or managers.
  • Organize application or other knowledge training to new employee, and transfer Know-How to new employee.


  • Understand customer up-to-data requirement for application.
  • Implement system application according to customer's requirement.
  • Build up good communication with customer and could analysis and build up customer's Know-How.

Projects and Process

  • Ensures / requests availability of appropriate support for other region/location according to customer requirement.
  • Ensures process compliance with related Process in BOSCH and related regulation.
  • Enable to complete projects for different functions.
  • Riding Skill and Safety
  • Continuously improve personal riding/driving skill in safety scope.
  • Following Bosch internal license process and achieve personal annual target.


  • Bachelor Degree or above in Electrical Engineering, Automation, Automotive Engineering or related
  • Fluent English in both spoken and written, CET4 or above.
  • Motorcycle driving license E or D is required.
  • Understand the basics of car or motorcycle structure and vehicle dynamics.
  • Familiar with C-language


  • Have experience or knowledge of safety systems, such as anti-lock braking systems or traction control systems;
  • Experience with automotive safety systems (e.g. - anti-lock brakes and/or traction control).
  • Experience driving a sports vehicle;
  • With experience on driving power sports

Job Skills/Competencies Required

  • Fluent English
  • Understand the basics of car or motorcycle structure and vehicle dynamics.
  • Familiar with C-language

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