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china Intern Medical Representative

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    (CHINA) and Dalian
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    Sales / Fresh Graduate

Job Description & Qualifications

769 million global patients benefit from Novartis medicines! In this job, you will represent Novartis to deliver cutting-edge and professional pharmacy knowledge and optimized drug treatment plans to clinicians, so as to help related patients get more economical, safe and effective treatment and rehabilitation.

Your key responsibilities:

Your responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Make sure to visit a specified number of target customers every month and organize product academic promotion conferences to cooperate with the company's large-scale academic activities
  • Establish a complete customer management system and improve customer service quality
  • Timely, Accurately implement the reporting system, report the progress of the work in a timely manner, and give back market information in a timely manner
  • Cooperate with the coordinated visit of the regional manager
  • Complete the tasks assigned by the regional manager or regional manager
  • Actively participate in and promote compliance projects, lead by example, and convey a compliance culture. Comply with the rules and regulations related to pharmaceutical representatives or related personnel of pharmaceutical companies issued by the covered or visited medical institutions

(Senior pharmaceutical representatives, product specialists and senior product specialists should complete the following tasks on the basis of the above responsibilities)

  • Assist the regional manager to give new On-boarding new representatives are familiar with customers, markets, company reporting systems and related policies for help and coaching

Diversity & Inclusion / EEO

Novartis is committed to creating an exceptional, inclusive work environment and diverse teams that represent the patients and communities we serve.

Minimum Requirements

The basic job requirements you need to meet:

  • Major in biological science, medicine and health, chemistry and chemical engineering, or other majors related to medicine (such as management or marketing (medicine-related)), college degree or above (non-major above) College degree or above, and must have more than two years of work experience in the pharmaceutical field)
  • Relevant job experience
  • Senior pharmaceutical representative/product specialist/senior product specialist must be able to pass the company's relevant qualification certification, and the ability and performance meet the company's requirements for the position . Strong awareness of compliance

You will get:

The position will not only get quantifiable incentive compensation such as basic salary and bonus, as well as monetary benefits such as unemployment insurance and medical insurance, but also training development, work Non-monetary reward value for accumulated experience (including personal reputation working for a well-known multinational company like Novartis), career advancement, etc.

Why consider Novartis?

In 2020, 769 million patients worldwide benefited from Novartis medicines. We are proud and know that more can be done to continue helping people around the world improve access to medicines.

How do we do it? We believe that at the intersection of medical science and digital innovation, new insights, perspectives and breakthrough solutions can be found. A diverse, equitable and inclusive environment inspires new ways of working.

We believe that our potential can thrive in an enabling culture based on integrity, curiosity and flexibility. When we muster the courage to work together to aggressively and ambitiously tackle the world's toughest medical challenges, we can create everything possible. Because the biggest risk in life is the risk of never trying!

Imagine your career future at Novartis! Join hands with us to create the future of medicine and ignite a wonderful career!

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion:
Novartis is committed to building an excellent, inclusive work environment and diverse teams for the patients and communities we serve.

Job Skills/Competencies Required

  • Basic oral English skills