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china Intern Medical Representative

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    (CHINA) and Jinan
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  • Functional Area/Experience
    Health and Life Sciences / Fresh Graduate

Job Description & Qualifications

Since 2005, Novartis has launched the "Sailing Growth Plan" for the development of new graduates. The "Sailing Growth Plan" reserves a large number of outstanding talents for the fast-growing business of the company. It also provides a comprehensive one-on-one tutoring, online and offline training system and practical experience opportunities for outstanding fresh graduates who are interested in joining Novartis to help interns. Quickly integrate into the work environment, understand workplace knowledge, learn work skills, and prepare for the upcoming career. Interns who perform well and pass the internship evaluation will become regular employees of Novartis, helping them set sail on their career journey.

Your responsibilities:

  • Learn and master including but not limited to company introduction, industry introduction, relevant medical knowledge, basic product knowledge, academic promotion skills and industry compliance knowledge, etc.;
  • Understand Novartis’ corporate culture and behavioral values;
  • From internship Start as a medical representative, follow the tutor to understand and observe learning academic visits and assist in organizing academic promotion activities. During the internship, no business indicators will be undertaken;
  • Familiar with the role of Novartis Pharmaceuticals representatives and the general process and skills of the work;
  • The end of each training and all internships At the end, accept the assessment of learning results.

You will get:

  • Internship experience in a world-renowned pharmaceutical multinational company such as Novartis;
  • Novartis' comprehensive intern training courses and exclusive intern tutors.

Minimum requirements

Job requirements you need to meet:

  • 2021 or 2022 graduates, college degree or above, majors in biological sciences, medicine and health, chemistry and chemical engineering, or other majors related to medicine (such as management or marketing (medicine) Related));
  • Ensure enough internship time every week;

Job Skills/Competencies Required

  • Identify with Novartis’ culture and behavioral values;
  • Be good at development: excellent academics, active social practice, and strong self-development willingness;
  • Confidence in victory: always believe in adversity Be able to find a way to success or overcome obstacles;
  • Results-oriented/quick response: complete work tasks in a timely and accurate manner according to the established plan;
  • Courageous in innovation: active thinking, often originality in solving problems;
  • Better than communication : Have excellent communication skills, cross-cultural thinking and communication skills.

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