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Job Description & Qualifications

Joining the Human Resources Management Trainee Program (F-HRLDP) is not only the beginning of a healthy future for you, but also an excellent opportunity to lay a solid foundation for human resources.

At Johnson & Johnson, we use technology and teamwork to discover new ways to prevent and overcome global medical problems.Our three major businesses (consumer products, medical devices and pharmaceuticals) use excellent data analysis capabilities, insights and creativity to invent and manufacture health products and medicines that change human lives.While breaking down the outdated healthcare system, Johnson & Johnson is committed to instilling new medical concepts into people and helping people enjoy a healthy life at different stages.Every day, more than 1 billion people change their lives under the influence of Johnson & Johnson, and the impact you can have here is limitless.So, are you ready to break the inherent medical and health impression?
At Johnson & Johnson, each of your career breakthroughs will change the future of healthcare to the greatest extent.At the same time, you will also undergo earth-shaking changes.While being infinitely stimulated by your potential, you will also influence mankind around the world and change the way they care for themselves and others.Come and expand your influence, join us!


Project Introduction

F-HRLDP (Foundational Human Resources Leadership Development Program) is a job rotation project of Johnson & Johnson's human resources department, which aims to train you as an outstanding potential human resources manager.Here, you will experience rich and diversified job rotations, cultivate human resources and leadership skills through comprehensive courses, and establish close connections with members from all over the country in a huge organizational structure.
In job rotation, you will have the opportunity to join Johnson & Johnson's business and functional departments in different fields (for example, human analysis, employee/labor relations, talent recruitment/management, compensation and benefits, human resource operations, global learning and training, etc.).As a human resources business partner, you will conduct in-depth cooperation with our commercial, R&D, supply chain or functional teams, provide them with organizational diagnosis and provide strategic solutions.

Join the project and you will get

  • Global vision:

Different job rotation opportunities can be carried out in different business fields, different functions, and different regions of Johnson & Johnson, so as to gain different knowledge and experience and grow at the fastest speed.At the same time, they have the opportunity to participate in the company's various business projects and gain more extensive industry and business model experience.

  • Broad vision and global network:

In a company, you can learn from different industries (medical, pharmaceutical, consumer products) at the same time, and rich overseas training can help you quickly accumulate human resources professional and business support experience, and establish a more complete professional knowledge structure.At the same time, F-HRLDP, a huge global social network, is also an important resource.

  • Self-knowledge and customized development plan:

The project provides many opportunities for experimentation and innovation for fresh graduates; the company has a complete self-evaluation system; and it fully supports customized personal development.The combination of the three enables F-HRLDP members to be more clear about their career goals and development direction, so that they can grow and develop rapidly.

We look for

  • Freshmen graduating in 2021, business, human resource management, organizational psychology or other human resource related disciplines;
  • Master or MBA is preferred;
  • 6-24 months of professional work experience is preferred (including internship experience);
  • The cumulative grade point average should be 3.4 or higher;

Job Skills/Competencies Required

  • Have a strong interest in human resources career development;
  • During the job rotation period of the F-HRLDP project and in the job placement after the project graduates, the job can be rotated in different cities according to the needs of the project;
  • Fluent English communication skills;
  • Has excellent learning and adaptability capabilities, can quickly digest information and apply existing knowledge to new fields, can establish connections between different fields, and lock key issues/fields that need to be explored;
  • Excellent teamwork ability and global thinking style-able to establish close cooperative relationships with others in different work areas, functional departments and geographic locations, so as to achieve the optimization of work results;
  • Strong data analysis capabilities, unique insights and can promote decision-making;
  • Leadership skills, including the ability to establish cooperative relationships-able to communicate, communicate with others efficiently (face-to-face or online), and even influence others' views, and be able to integrate the needs and views of multiple different stakeholders in a global organization;
  • Mature critical and strategic thinking skills, keen curiosity and problem-solving skills, love to take risks and challenge the status quo.
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