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Job Description & Qualifications

Focusing on ′Beyond Technology′ as its corporate philosophy and brand commitment, Neusoft, a software technology company, has been engaged in building its core competence to create value for customers and society.

Project description:

In Neusoft's sales management trainee program, you will conduct comprehensive and systematic practice and training with students who have graduated from all over the world. Exercise Guan Piansheng's business behaviors and strategic vision, such as business analysis, business ecosystem establishment, and leadership improvement, to lay a solid foundation for your career development. During the whole process, we will equip you with top sales leaders in the industry and Senior leadership training experts will serve as your professional dual mentors to help you achieve rapid growth and accumulation, and eventually become the company's marketing management talents.

Training path:

training growth→department rotation→sales whole process practice→leadership improvement→sales supervisor backup.

Job content:

  • Explore new potential customers, accumulate customer resources, establish a business ecosystem, complete business plans with internal and external collaboration, and in-depth study of Neusoft's various products and solutions;
  • Master customer industry knowledge, collect and master customers Industry information, understand and explore customer needs and pain points, and combine customer needs with company products or solutions to achieve a win-win situation;
  • Cooperate with the company's internal departments such as pre-sales consulting and technical engineer teams to provide solutions that meet customer needs ,goal achieved;

Job Requirements:

  • Graduates of 2021/2022, with a master's degree or above, and outstanding undergraduates who have a strong will in the direction of sales can also be considered, and the major is not limited;
  • Entrepreneurial experience is preferred;

Location: Beijing/Shanghai/Shenzhen/Guangzhou/Chengdu/Chongqing/Wuhan/Nanjing/Changsha/Hefei/Dalian/Shenyang/Xi'an/Qingdao/Jinan

Job Skills/Competencies Required

  • Excellent communication skills, learning skills, with student cadres or club experience,
  • Love sales, accept business trips and assignments, have enthusiasm for the IT industry, and have a strong desire to achieve.