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    Education / Fresh Graduate

Job Description & Qualifications

You are invited to apply for a 10 month Foreign Teacher Lecture placement in Jiangsu province, adjacent to the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai. The program is also a great opportunity for those who do not necessarily want to progress a career in education. This experience can be a real differentiator, especially for those interested in working with Chinese companies like Tech giants Alibaba, Tencent and Huawei.

Successful candidates will start their placement in September 2020, corresponding with the beginning of the Chinese school year. The placement will run for ten months, starting on the second week of September 2020 and ending the last week of June 2020. Candidates will be allocated to schools affiliated to the Suzhou Municipal Education Bureau (primary school, middle school, high school and vocational colleges) in the coastal province of Jiangsu, located within Yangtze Delta North of Shanghai. Working hours per week are approximately 20. Extra hours, up to 4, will be remunerated separately. 

Before the placement, selected candidates are invited to Beijing or Suzhou to complete a compulsory 2 week TEFL and training course. This practice summer school will provide teachers with the skills and confidence necessary for the English classes. In addition, during the first week of September, they will attend various orientation sessions in order to be welcomed to the school and the local community. 

In class, teachers will be given the responsibility to plan and lead their lectures, making it a challenging yet rewarding and exciting experience. They will be given the freedom to create their own unique teaching methods and activities to incorporate culture aspects from their own home countries into the classroom, through music, sports, games etc. 

At school, teachers can expect a friendly and supportive environment with mentorship provided through day-to-day communication with the assigned personal mentor, school staff and fellow teacher community. During the school year, the programme team organises regular demo classes, forums, training and other activities to constantly improve the level of teaching skills. In the 2017-2018 academic year, 48 demo classes and seminars and 26 academic communication meetings were held. 

Free extra-curricular activities to boost your experience in China while networking with the community: 
• Mandarin, calligraphy and traditional Chinese cooking classes
• Immersive cultural experiences such as kun opera, wash painting, tea ritual and others. 
• Tours around places of interest in Jiangsu
• Participation to celebrations for both Chinese and Western festivals
• Sports events and other cultural exchange events

Remuneration and perks: 
• Salary of RMB 7,500 / month pre-tax
• Free accommodation in a flat close to other fellow teachers (standard is guaranteed for comfortable and safe living conditions)
• RMB 500/month allowance for telephone bill, electricity, water, gas and internet bills. 
• Performance based bonus of RMB 6,000/year

Additional perks include: 
• Personal mentor teacher for assistance of all matters (teaching advice, local knowledge and welfare support)
• Paid leave (3-4 weeks of winter holiday and all national holidays)
• Up to RMB 10,000 for two single air fares (to and from China)
• Health insurance
• Visa allowance up to RMB 3,000
• Free training for TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) in China certificate
• Referral letter from the Suzhou Education Bureau for your future employer, especially valuable for applications to Chinese companies (this year’s Fortune Global 500 features a total of 129 Chinese companies, top of the list)

Candidates will need to:
• Be native level English speakers
• Demonstrate their passion for teaching and cultural exchange
• Possess a health certificate (guidelines will be provided)

Job Skills/Competencies Required

  • Be native level English speakers
  • Have graduated from university with at least a bachelor’s degree, and have their certificate by mid-August 2019
  • Demonstrate their passion for teaching and cultural exchange
  • Possess a health certificate (guidelines will be provided)

The process to obtain a visa requires commitment from April until departure in August. For this reason, we will select candidates who can demonstrate a strong interest in teaching and learning about the Chinese culture. 

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