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china Business Analyst

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    (CHINA) and Beijing
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    Business, Accounting & Finance / Fresh Graduate

Job Description & Qualifications

The Translator - converting the business language to the the language developers can understand

The important responsibility of Business Analyst is to collect, identify and compress the different needs and messages of the project stakeholders into a single vision of the web (mobile) project, which can be implemented by the technology team, and also to translate the resulting questions that the dev team may have into something tangible that the stakeholders can understand.

Business analysts also play the role of breaking down architectural and technical complexities in order for project stakeholders to easily understand any issues that may crop up.


  • Liaising extensively with external or internal clients to conduct requirements analysis and translate client requirements into highly specified project briefs
  • Analysing clients' existing systems and business models, studying, mapping and documenting interfaces between legacy and new systems
  • Lead the development of Statement of Work by collecting, analysing, organising and prioritising client's business needs, taking into the consideration of budget, timeline, resource and client's constraints
  • Constructing user flow charts and diagrams; studying system capabilities; writing functionality specifications
  • Identifying options for potential solutions and assessing them for both technical and business suitability
  • Producing project feasibility report and provide input in the development of timeline and cost
  • Working closely with colleagues, developers, testers and a variety of end users to ensure technical compatibility and user satisfaction;
  • Lead the development user manuals to users of a new system and conduct training
  • Keeping up to date with technical and industry developments

Job Skills/Competencies Required

  • Strategic thinking cum intellectual quickness
  • Excellent organisational, problem solving and analytical skills with the ability to clearly communicate and share solutions with client and/or team members
  • Keen eye for details and execution oriented
  • Ability to find solutions to challenges coupled with a willingness to do what is necessary in order to ensure timelines and make sure that goals are met
  • Must possess speed and versatility
  • Good judgment, strong organization skills decisiveness cum good written communication skills
  • Proficiency across web, mobile, systems development analysis
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