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china Algorithm Engineer (Fingerprint Identification Direction)

  • Location
    (CHINA) and Beijing
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  • Functional Area/Experience
    Engineering / Fresh Graduate

Job Description & Qualifications

BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd., which was founded in April 1993, is a supplier focusing on semiconductor display technologies, products and services. 

Job Responsibilities:

Leading the completion of the development and evaluation of fingerprint recognition algorithms in the development phase.

  • Participate in fingerprint module design, performance testing, evaluation and verification, improve image quality from the perspective of image algorithms, performance subjective/objective fingerprint library collection, algorithm matching
  • Responsible for the development and debugging of fingerprint recognition product algorithms, and complete fingerprint recognition products Research and development and productization of algorithms for preprocessing and comparison.
  • According to customer needs, we will work with IC companies and algorithm companies to solve problems or defects in the project process, and propose improvement plans for the problems.


  • Master's degree;
  • Electronic science and technology, optics, microelectronics and solid-state electronics, optoelectronic technology, electronics and communication engineering, optoelectronic information science and engineering and other related majors;

Ref: J27234

Job Skills/Competencies Required

  • Proficiency in language software such as python and Matlab, independent leadership And deal with technical problems of customer projects, proficient in fingerprint recognition hardware principles, recognition algorithm principles, and have the ability to analyze fingerprint images;
  • Strong learning ability, willing to accept new things, and have a certain sense of innovation;
  • CET-6.
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