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    Sales / Fresh Graduate

Job Description & Qualifications

Nearly 8 billion people live on Earth today, and by the end of the century, this number will increase to 11 billion. Addressing the needs of a growing and increasingly complex population while mitigating the impact on the planet is at the heart of Siemens' work. As a dedicated technology company , Siemens Smart Infrastructure (SI for short) provides customers with more intelligent solutions, integrates the real world and the digital world , provides end-to-end solutions for carbon reduction in multiple industries , and leads low-carbon Carbon transformation to help build a lower-carbon smart city.

The "Smart Pioneer Trainee Program" of Siemens Smart Infrastructure Group aims to train outstanding fresh graduates or prospective newcomers within one year of graduation into digital talents through systematic and efficient training and practice. Thinking can help customers save energy and increase efficiency with intelligent and digital zero-carbon solutions, and promote the low-carbon transformation of the industry.

This project is created by SI senior training instructors. In the project, you can not only rotate in different positions, but also have access to a wealth of professional training courses, and learn in-depth the architecture of the most cutting-edge digital solutions and zero-carbon solutions, as well as their applications in different scenarios. After the project, you will become an expert who can provide digital and intelligent solutions according to customer needs.

What can I get?

  • Special system training: systematic training, focusing on improving core business capabilities through professional courses + job rotation practice;
  • Mentor empowers growth: Equipped with corresponding growth mentors to answer your questions, share experience, and help grow;
  • All-round care: HR follows up your growth path, pays attention to your personal growth, and solves problems for you;
  • Exclusive community for trainees: discuss work, share life, build a wider network of contacts, and grow up not alone;

Join the SI team:

  • A career in cutting-edge technology, you can master the technological innovation and industry change of intelligent infrastructure;
  • An international big platform, you can have a keen insight into market changes and capture the world industry trends;
  • A meaningful career, you can create more possibilities for smart cities, low carbon and environmental protection.
  • A group of small partners full of positive energy, you can work efficiently and lovingly with trust and empowerment.

What are my job responsibilities?

  • After professional technical product training, have the ability to become a product solution full life cycle management consultant
  • Understand customer needs and help customers achieve zero carbon goals with digital and intelligent solutions.
  • Understand the market situation, collect and analyze relevant market data;
  • Visit customers regularly and establish good and effective long-term cooperative relations with customers;                                                                               

How can I be competent?

  • Undergraduate or graduate students who have graduated in 2022 or who are about to graduate in 2023 can apply
  • Bachelor degree or above, major in electrical engineering, automatic control, mechatronics, HVAC engineering, etc.

What else do I need to know?

As a dedicated technology company, Siemens was founded in 1847 and operates in 200 countries around the world. Since entering China in 1872, it has been providing comprehensive support for China's development with innovative technology, excellent solutions and products. Siemens Smart Infrastructure Group empowers customers to achieve efficient emission reduction and digitization of the entire value chain. At present, it has provided efficient and intelligent solutions for more than 3,500 customers across the country.

With a history of more than 100 years, there are not only a perfect management process and a mature talent training mechanism, but also continuous innovation of products and continuous exploration of the future. Come and join us, use your wisdom and potential to challenge the future with us!

Job Skills/Competencies Required

  • Have certain English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills
  • Full of pioneering spirit, dare to challenge themselves constantly.
  • Love learning and have the potential to lead change.
  • Willing to communicate, with excellent communication skills;
  • Be good at cooperation and have a good sense of teamwork;
  • Have clear logical thinking, be good at discovering and solving problems;

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