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Singapore Cyber Graduate Associate 2021

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    (SINGAPORE) and various
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    IT / Fresh Graduate

Job Description & Qualifications

Evolving global cyber threats. Smarter cyber attackers. High profile data breaches.

It’s no wonder that cyber security is top of mind for all modern-day businesses, regardless of industries and sectors. As part of the KPMG Cyber team, you will be working with experienced cyber security and forensic professionals and corporate partners under the 5 pillars of our Cyber Security business:

Cyber Strategy & Governance

KPMG Cyber Strategy and Governance professionals provide advice to CEOs, CISOs and CIOs on how to better manage their cyber security by designing their Cyber Organisational Structure, and defining the Cyber Security Strategy to combine people, processes and technology tools. You will work on topics as diverse as Cyber Strategy, IT Governance, Access Management, Technology Risk Management, Data Governance, Privacy, Third Party Risk, Business Continuity & Crisis Management, and Cyber laws & regulatory compliance. You will help clients identify and assess risks, design strategy and policies, and roll-out new processes.

Cyber Defence

KPMG Cyber Defence covers vulnerability assessment, application and network penetration testing, wireless security, mobile security, and system security testing so to identify blind spots in the defences and provide an in-depth assessment of previously overlooked weaknesses. As an Ethical Hacker/Penetration Tester, you will work on cutting-edge techniques to pre-emptively test and defeat cyber security defences, with the ultimate purpose of helping our clients re-design their defences to better withstand an actual cyber-attack.

Cyber Transformation

KPMG Cyber Transformation Service professionals work with our clients to automate their Cyber business processes by deploying Technology solutions. We customise tech solutions to client’s specific needs to achieve business outcome efficiently, and solve their business problems using technology. As Cyber transformation professionals your work involves design tech enabled processes, deploying tech solutions, and enabling people to use technology to achieve Cyber Security.

Cyber Response

Cyber Response professionals work at the forefront of major cyber-attacks, supporting our clients as the “First Responders” to any major cyber emergency. Cyber Response helps clients who have experienced a cyber security incident such as ransomware, business e-mail compromise or other kinds of network intrusion. We investigate the root cause of the incident and the extent of the breach and help clients to recover from the incident – help restore systems and expel intruders from the network as well as provide practical recommendations on how to prevent further incidents.

Cyber Education

Cyber Education offers comprehensive cyber security training designed to equip our client and their organisation with the skills and know-how to manage cyber threats.


A degree in IT, Engineering, or a Business field would be advantageous

Job Skills/Competencies Required

  • Enthusiastic with a keen interest in the field of cyber security
  • Client-focused with good communication skills
  • Able to work as part of a team and independently
  • Driven to learn new things and share knowledge with clients and colleagues
  • Work experience such as internships, leadership positions in clubs, associations, or part-time jobs will be considered positively

If you are looking to pursue the management advisory track in our Cyber Strategy & Governance service line, you will need to demonstrate the following capabilities:

  • A process mindset – able to construct and de-construct processes to understand how things work
  • Ability to understand both business and IT challenges, which will help you in designing strategy, policies and processes

If you are looking to pursue a technical track in our Cyber Defence , Cyber Response or Cyber Transformation Service line you will need to demonstrate the following capabilities:

  • Basic programming proficiency – able to write scripts in any popular scripting language – make web requests, look up data in a database, able to use regular expressions.
  • Ability to program in any popular language and troubleshoot programs
  • Good understanding of Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems (OS)
  • Computer troubleshooting skills
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