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Nigeria Quality Control /HSE Associate

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    Health and Life Sciences / 2 Years

Job Description & Qualifications

Chicken Republic is an ambitious, world-class modern African brand. We began operations in 2004 and have already opened over 65 stores in Nigeria and Ghana. We are proud of our hard-earned reputation as the fastest growing chicken brand in West Africa and the second largest QSR in Nigeria and one of Nigeria′s top 20 brands overall. Our simple ′Taste More′ philosophy encourages a bold spirit of adventure as we set out to challenge the status quo by constantly raising the quality and standards of our products and services. We invite our customers to experience more as they interact with our brand and enjoy the sensory pleasures of our sizzling hot chicken and sides. A true differentiator is that all our food is flavoured to perfection with our own proprietary blend of authentic West African herbs and spices.

Job Objectives:

Assurance of quality systems across the company’s businesses, establishing controls, verifying input materials, their suppliers and processes that meet world – class benchmarks

Key Responsibilities:

Quality Standards and Procedural Management

  • Maintain all operations, and technical document assigned to him.
  • Ensure strict conformity to GMP, GHP, and GLP at all times
  • Officer should always ensure strict adherence to all set operation standards.
  • Ensure conformity of all raw materials and packaging materials to specifications before usage in the central kitchen and dispatch to stores.
  • Ensure all fresh consignments supplied to warehouse are sampled for quality integrity conformity.
  • Whenever required, should carry out spot checks on processes and materials before clearance for use.
  • Develop a measurable standard for materials and processes assigned to him/her.
  • Calibration of all working tools as stipulated in the work instruction.
  • Ensure standardization of all chemicals, media and reagents as stipulated in the work instruction.
  • Maintain a good and traceable documentation for all analytical, development and production processes.
  • Report any non – conformity beyond his competence to the Superior without assumption.
  • Carry out analytical tests in conformity with the approved work instruction.
  • Collate and process analytical data, and submit adequate report timely to the superior.
  • Whenever required, will cater for regulatory activities with the government agencies.
  • Maintain confidentiality of all technical information or documentation at his disposal
  • Perform any other task that may be assigned from time to time

Suppliers Certification

  • Develop standards and quality criteria required from our raw materials suppliers and contractors
  • Demand FC’s accepted quality standards from our raw materials suppliers and contractors during supplies and services
  • Create a system that verifies, certifies and recommends acceptable suppliers that aligns with the FC’s minimum supplies’ quality standards.
  • Issue compliance rating against all company’s business locations and suppliers operating standards
  • Visit suppliers sites for productions and packaging audits

Quality Compliances

  • Responsible for product labeling compliance and for keeping product specifications current.
  • Plan, promote, and organize training activities related to food quality and food safety.
  • Investigate customer concerns or complaints about food quality.
  • Take necessary steps to control potentially unsafe or poor quality products.

Key Measurement/Result Areas (covering all perspectives of the FC Balanced Scorecard):

  • No. of Customer complaints relating to quality of raw and finished products
  • No. of regulatory defaults relating to quality of environmental compliances, raw and finished products
  • % of production conformance to preset quality standards

Educational Qualifications/Experience:

  • Minimum of university degree or equivalent
  • Minimum of 2 years working experience in the food Industry

Job Skills/Competencies Required

  • Familiar with the Food Industry Trends
  • Problem Solving & Analysis
  • Inventory Management
  • Performance Management
  • Strong understanding of the several country’s specific business related laws, regulations and policies
  • Planning, Scheduling, Controlling & Coordinating
  • Strong Oral and written Communication skills
  • Ability to plan, schedule and coordinate effectively
  • Strong Interpersonal Skills
  • Strong Negotiation Skills

Desired Personal Attributes:

  • Integrity
  • Proactive self-starter
  • Logical Mind
  • Creative Imagination
  • Ability to cope with and work under pressure

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