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  • GradLink is a great resource for our international students. David delivered an excellent talk during our International Careers Week covering GradLink and its opportunities and resources, in addition to an insightful session on global employability and what overseas employers look for in a UK-educated graduate. Thank you!

    Aste Dahl, Careers Adviser, University of Bath

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Remote study tips for international students

Jen Garmston March 30, 2020
As universities in the UK and across most of the world have now closed for face-to-face lectures, we’re left in an unprecedented scenario when it comes to learning. As international students, some of you may have been able to return home during this time while others might still be in the same location as your university. While much is unknown at the moment, this is a time to focus on parts of your life that are constant during this time of upheaval. For most students this will be your work for university, using this time at home to benefit your degree can help give you purpose in a world of uncertainty.Read More >>