GradLink China ( is the award-winning specialist careers site for Chinese students and graduates who have or are studying in the UK.

GradLink China ( 是专门针对正在英国留学及已从英国毕业的中国留学生而设计的职业招聘网站。

Students/Graduates: GradLink China is the essential place for learning about graduate opportunities and connecting with graduate employers in China who are keen to recruit UK-educated Chinese graduates..

在校生/毕业生:GradLink China是你了解应届生招聘活动的主要途径,并帮助你建立与雇主沟通的桥梁。这里的雇主更乐于招聘有英国教育背景的留学生及毕业生。

Your GradLink check-list:

GradLink China includes vacancies, graduate profiles, employer contacts, in-depth advice and news – plus our CV building and submission service that lets you pass your CV on to all or selected of our GradLink employers when and as often as you like.

GradLink China提供了最新的职位信息,毕业生求职经验分享,雇主链接,深度职业发展建议以及Go-CV!板块。在Go-CV!板块,毕业生可以上传简历并不限次数地直接将简历投递至所有或部分有意向的招聘方。

Businesses: GradLink China is your free one-stop portal for connecting with high-quality Chinese students and graduates who are studying in the UK. This is your opportunity to advertise vacancies and to search our extensive database of CVs of some of Chinese students and graduates (both fresh and experienced) from the top universities in the UK.

企业:GradLink China为您提供免费的一站式服务,为您搭建与英国所有大学的高素质留学生和毕业生的沟通桥梁。您可以在线发布职位信息并且搜索海量的毕业于英国一流大学的应届生及往届毕业生的简历库。

GradLink UK is powered by the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol). The website was built by a UWE Bristol alumnus. GradLink UK is free of charge to all.

GradLink UK归属于西英格兰大学(UWE)。网站由UWE校友建立。GradLink UK对所有用户都完全免费。

Our Mission Statement

"GradLink China takes the lead in connecting Chinese students and graduates who′ve studied at university in the UK with graduate employers and opportunities in China. GradLink China achieves this through producing highly comprehensive and bespoke careers and jobs resources. These resources are the result of our extensive expertise around the Chinese graduate labour market, and the extensive contacts developed through our work with leading graduate employers and organisations in China."


“GradLink China致力于为英国的中国留学生/毕业生和中国毕业生雇主和就业机会搭建沟通桥梁。为此GradLink China提供广泛全面且有针对性的职业发展和职位资源。这些资源来自于我们对中国毕业生就业市场的深度专业认知,以及我们与中国领先的毕业生雇主的广泛深入联系。”

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