• Job Title

    Manufacturing Engineer
  • Company

    Alten Ltd
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  • Subject Studied

  • University

    UWE Bristol
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Alten Limited is a consultancy providing engineering and IT solutions to a range of industries. I assist with the Lean and Project Life Management projects we are undertaking for Airbus UK. The current project I am involved with looks at how the manufacturing processes used by Airbus can be improved to increase the number of aircraft being produced. I've worked on four different projects so far and, as a consultant, it's been so varied, interesting and challenging.

What do you like most about your job?

Aerospace is my passion. Being part of the aerospace industry, seeing how it works, and being around people who think similarly and have similar passions is the most exciting aspect for me! And because you're in a job you love, it's not difficult to learn it and hopefully become the best you can be.

How did your course at UWE help you to get this job?

My course covered the aerospace cornerstones needed for my role. For example, I learned about design, manufacturing and systems during my Meng, as well as aspects such as project management. My role is so varied and I work in so many different departments at Airbus, that an ability to integrate several areas of knowledge is key for coming up with the best solutions. My course gave me the range of knowledge needed to take this integrated approach.

In addition, the engineering placement I did with Airbus as part of my course was exceptional in terms of developing a wide range of skills. During the first six months I worked for additive lay manufacturing, and in the second, I worked with business improvements or Airbus operating systems OS. I enjoyed this experience so much that I can honestly say it was the best year of my life!

What key advice would you give to current international students looking to start a career in the UK?

Be relentlessly proactive! Identify what you're really passionate about and do everything you can to prove that passion: do your research, keep up-to-date with developments in your industry, and build your experience from day one, through internships, volunteering, competitions – anything that gives you that exposure.

The other thing I would say is that in the UK you need to start your job search very early. Graduate routes open as early as September of the year previous year. Be aware of the time scales and how companies are going to assess you. For example, some companies use online assessments, others use game-based assessments, and so on. At first, I felt unprepared for these, but the careers service at UWE were fantastic in terms of guiding me through the process, helping me to become familiar with them, and providing ongoing support.


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