• Job Title

    Project Manager
  • Company

    Syneos Health
  • Country

  • Subject Studied

    Construction and Architecture
  • University

    UWE Bristol
  • Job Sector

    Business, Accounting & Finance


Kika manages projects for the commercial realm of Syneous Health, where she brings together information gathered by the client services team, and what can be produced by the company’s creative and advertising teams. Kika consults with each project’s major shareholders and shapes the scope of work to be undertaken in terms of which resources to use, who are the right personnel, and what timelines should be set for each objective.

What do you like most about your job?

I love the problem-solving nature of the role. Once a project has started, people are coming to me on a daily basis with issues and questions, and I have to find the most pragmatic way of keeping that project moving forward, and making it as successful as it can be. I get to make big decisions on what which aspects we develop, what we need to put on hold, and who is best placed to deliver on these. I love the people-facing and fast-moving nature of the job. I play a central role in each project, and I enjoy the sense of achievement this can bring.

How did your studies help you to get this job?

My course taught me so much about project management. There were many lectures that equipped you with the skills, knowledge and resources you needed, before you would then come up with your own ideas for what your project should be. And you would drive this in terms of creating a plan, setting task deadlines, and being proactive. The lecturers were very helpful, so there was the freedom to be creative and ambitious, but in a supportive environment. I really thrived on the independence my course gave me, and I have taken these project management skills directly into the role I do now. 

What key advice would you give to current international students looking to start a career in the UK?

Use the fact that you're an international student to heighten your chances of getting the job. Tell employers what you bring to the table. You are already living independently, you're out of your comfort zone, you can offer two languages. These are excellent experiences and assets for an employer. The fact that you know at least two different cultures enhances your ability to communicate with people from different backgrounds, which is key to every company I’ve worked with. And the fact that you’re willing to move away from home, and that you’ve done this for a reason, for a better opportunity, is something that you should take pride in, so make sure you brand your international experience confidently and effectively to employers, as it can really impress them.


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