• Job Title

    Design Manager
  • Company

    HAZ International Ltd
  • Country

  • Subject Studied

  • University

    UWE Bristol
  • Job Sector



Ayman manages all aspects of design and engineering for HAZ International, including system design, manufacturing drawings, and building physics calculations. Ayman manages a team of engineers and architects from different backgrounds to ensure the client’s requirements are met.

What do you like most about your job?

I enjoy the challenge of solving engineering problems. My work often involves designing a new product, for example, and all the technical documentation and training manuals that go with it, and that's the kind of challenge that I like. Especially if it requires learning something new. So, the opportunity to work on challenging projects and problems, and the opportunities to learn and develop myself are probably the aspects I enjoy most about my role.

How did your course help you to get this job?

UWE Bristol is one of the very few universities that offers a masters course specialising in facade engineering. It's such an integrated field of study – it involves structural engineering, building physics, construction management, procurement management and so on – and to pack this all in to one neat package that offers this kind of framework for future engineers is a very rare thing.  What is more, to have it taught by lecturers who are members of the CWC team, one of the foremost authorities on facade engineering, who regularly issue the publications and the standards that are followed not just in the UK, but worldwide, makes it a very solid and reputable course. It's very rare that you find people of such high calibre teaching on a masters course and writing the curriculum.

What key advice would you give to current international students looking to build a career in the UK?

There's an emphasis in the UK on credentials and qualifications, so, as early as possible, you should try to find and join societies that will help you to develop your career. Find out which societies you can gain student membership with. And find out how they can help you – maybe through events where you get to meet companies, or courses they have that will help you develop yourself and add to your list of achievements.

Fluency in the English language also goes a long, long way. Take up every opportunity to immerse yourself in the UK culture and develop your English. Be fearless in the sense of speaking English to people. Most people are very forgiving, and will try help you out.


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