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    UWE Bristol
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    Business, Accounting & Finance


I am involved in wealth management at Genpact. Every trade undertaken by the company has to be reported to a regulator like the FCA in the UK. I am involved in recording the method behind trades for the reports we produce for UK regulatory purposes.

What do you most like about your job?

I have a very enquiring mind, and I have always really enjoyed finding the answer to the question, why! The role is an exact fit for me because I have to examine the trading process and ask the five why questions – why it failed, how, when, where and who.

In addition, I am really interested wealth management, about trade cycles, how inflation affects the economy, and the macroeconomic tools we use on the market to counter this.

How did your course help you to get this job?

The finance sector is getting increasingly automated. I would say half of the processes in the industry are already automated because of the recent Fintech innovations that have been introduced. I therefore did my research in finding out what course would equip me for this. 

The Masters at UWE gave me the comprehensive understanding I needed for a fintech career. In terms of breadth it covered the end to end of the industry, including who the current players are, how the trading works, and the tools we will be using. And just as importantly, the course gives the depth of knowledge needed, and in particular, the depth of technical knowledge. For example, using Python, data mining, and blockchains.

The networking opportunities through the course were also excellent. For example, I met a lot of people through the Fintech Environment module 

What key advice would you give to current international students looking to start a career in the UK?

Use the time during your studies to develop all things the employer will be looking for. We all have weaknesses or areas of development; be honest with yourself to identify your weaknesses and work on them. 

You have to work at making yourself an asset to the employer, that you are the best option. Take the time to gain the skills and experience needed for this, and use them to build a solid CV which makes this very clear to the employer. 


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