Graduate Case Studies :: Vietnam :: Nguyen Le Hung

Nguyen Le Hung

  • Country
  • City
    Ho Chi Minh
  • Company
    Dream Incubator
  • Subject Studied
    Maths and Statistics
  • Job Sector
    Business, Accounting & Finance
  • Job Title
    Business Consultant
  • University

Please give a brief description of your job and what it involves:

Provide strategy consulting services for government and private organizations. Services include industrial policy master planning, business strategy formulation, competitor analysis , go-to-market strategy implementation, organization re-structuring, etc.

What key advice would you give to current students who would like to get into a similar job to you?:

1. Have curiosity about solving business issues
2. Practice analytical thinking, communication and presentation skills
2. Develop an effective network with contacts from various industries


Why do you think you got this job e.g. what skills/knowledge/experience etc.:

I had no experience on strategy consulting prior to the job. However I acquired the necessary skills for this job through previous work, education and extra-curricular activities such as: structural problem-solving, information research and leadership.