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    Senior Executive – Financial Advisory (Forensic Investigations)
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    Business, Accounting & Finance


My team specialises in corporate fraud investigations / white collar crimes. Our clients include several large name companies all over the world.

Our projects with our clients can broadly be divided into Preventive work (i.e., preventing/ early detection of risks) and Corrective work (i.e. after a fraud allegation has been made).

- Preventive work - we assist them in detecting and preventing fraud. We help them uncover any other weaknesses in their day-to-day business that can lead to potential corruption or fraud risks.

- Corrective work- we assist our clients uncover/ test allegations made by a whistle-blower or complaints from within the company. And help our clients understand the financial implication of the fraud, and using our forensic techniques we identify the employees involved in the fraud.

 A typical day in my work life as a financial advisor is very similar to your average consultant’ responsibilities. Which include preparing PowerPoint presentation, Data Analytics and stakeholder management (which includes – regular conversations with our clients to understand their needs and briefing them about insights we find during our work procedures). We usually have tight deadlines which result in long work hours – I usually work anywhere between 60-75 hours in a week (I generally put in a few hours on most weekends).

What do you most like about your job?

I really enjoy my job, the points listed below are the main reasons why:

- Dealing with several companies across different sectors/ regions gives me great exposure and has allowed me to learn a great deal about so many businesses.

- The work pressure- might sound strange, but I love the fact I work long hours and really must give it my all each day. The satisfaction you get after helping a client and solving problems is something that really motivates me.

How did a UK qualification help you to get this job?

Landing a job in Deloitte or any other large consulting practice has becoming increasingly difficult. There are thousands of applications every year, Deloitte India’s acceptance rate is less than 5% at the moment. Given this great competition – my degree from the UK really helped my standout from the crowd. Since we deal with many international clients- a UK qualification is highly valued for such roles. I did a few internships in my time in the UK which really helped.

What key advice would you give to current international students looking to get into a similar career to yours?

Don’t be to worried about which job you land first. I started off as a billing analyst before my current role. The key for me was to learn as many skills as possible and then leverage those skills to progress to a better role. Companies really value work experience.

If you’re looking to get into a financial advisor, consulting, Private equity Or Venture Cap role – I highly recommend mastering working on tools such as Power BI, Excel and PowerPoint. These skills will be used no matter which field you get into and a strong grasp of these skills are highly valued and will immensely boost your chances of landing a role.

Further, degrees like the CFA or CFE (certified fraud examiner if you’re looking at role like mine) or any other industry specific degree you can find will really boost your chances of landing a job.


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