• Job Title

    Marketing Manager
  • Company

    Seven Spikes Ltd.
  • Country

  • Subject Studied

  • University

    University of the West of England
  • Job Sector

    Marketing, advertising and PR

Please give a brief description of your job and what it involves

Seven Spikes is a software development company which specializes in building components for e-commerce. Storakle is the company′s start up SaaS service for e-commerce and I am responsible for marketing thew new service as well as foreseeing product improvements. My everyday duties span across digital marketing, product development, sales & lead generation, co-marketing and employer branding.

What key advice would you give to current students who would like to get into a similar job to you?

If you are looking to join a start up company there are a few things you should consider. In general, the start up environment is very dynamic and challenging and you get to develop a broad range of skills. You need to be a fast-learner and able to seize opportunities and foresee obstacles for the business.

Why do you think you got this job e.g. what skills/knowledge/experience etc.

I guess it′s a mixture of my qualifications, work experience and personal qualities. Being a UK university graduate as well as having an international work experience definitely helped me a lot in my career.