Georgi Nachev

  • Job Title

    Performance & Emissions Engineer
  • Company

    MAHLE Powertrain
  • Country

  • Subject Studied

  • University

    Loughborough University
  • Job Sector


Please give a brief description of your job and what it involves.

As a Performance & Emissions development engineer I work in with the next generation of internal combustion engines & powertrain systems. We test and assess new technologies, striving for cleaner and more efficient transport. On a day today basis I analyse performance data and generate test plans, focusing on specific project deliverables.

What key advice would you give to current students who would like to get into a similar job to you?

Be passionate about your career - employers are looking for individuals, who would walk the extra miles. Try to develop your background knowledge by finding a specific area/industry in which you′re interested. This will allow you to shine & impress in a future job interview. Everyone applying for the job you want would have a degree (most of them 2.1 +) so you need an "unique selling point" to make you stand out.

Why do you think you got this job e.g. what skills/knowledge/experience etc.

I took a year out in industry as part of my course (placement year), which allowed me to gain real flavour and understanding about the world out there. I developed key skills (both technical & soft) and gained vital experience. With this on my CV and targeting a few selected companies I was able to show my deep and profound interests in the sector. Obviously, my technical foundation was solid so I had the right blend of determination & ability.