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    PR Assistant
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Jiaojiao Yan works in Public Relations for P&G in Shanghai. Below he talks about his career and how he accomplished his goals, and gives you advice on how to be successful in your future.

What do you do?

I deal with the public relations crises, create campaigns and help the managers complete daily tasks.

Why do you think you got this job?

I studied in the UK for over five years, which helped me answer questions in the interview and meant that employers had a good impression of me.

What key advice would you give to current students from China who would like to get into a similar job to you?

English as a foreign language is vital. Never stop practicing your English, no matter whether you are in the UK or have already moved back to China.

What other advice would you give to others graduates?

Be aware of the difference between what you are good at and what you are interested in. Choose the work you enjoy doing.