Jana Zhou

  • Job Title

    Management Trainee
  • Company

    Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co.,Ltd
  • Country

  • Subject Studied

  • University

    University of the West of England
  • Job Sector

    Human Resources

Please give a brief description of your job and what it involves?

As management trainee, my job will start with a 12 months management trainee program; it includes 3 rotations in different departments of the company.  The program aims at developing professional skills and transform a fresh graduate to a professional.  

At the moment, I am working in HR department, working with employment relations group; My personal mentor is the manager of compensation and benefit in HR department.  My current tasks involve organizing employment welfare activities, assist in designing loyalty reward strategy, assisting the operation of HR system, assisting foreigner employees work permit application, etc.  

After two months, I will be delegated to business units, and after twelve months, the company and myself will further communicate about my final position based on my own interest and company’s suggestion.  

Why do you think you got this job? (e.g. what skills/knowledge/experience did you have)?

Firstly, I think it is the belief that I can find a job that I like and relates to my major.  Because it is very easy to change the direction during the job-hunting period as there might not be many opportunities in my field.  Beside this belief, I think it is the preparation; prepare a CV that clear and strongly demonstrate my skills. 

One important skill is communication skill, which enables me to express my strengths clearly to interviewers.  Another skill is presentation skills, because I had to give a presentation about myself during the group interview.  Moreover, team-working skills, we had to work together in group discussion, so its important that you can work with others although it might be the first time you meet them.  

In terms of knowledge, I think the business studies background is helpful, as it might show the commercial awareness.  And, the background knowledge of the company’s business field is also suggested.  

Furthermore, my experience of studying aboard often considered as a great experience when applying western companies in China.  


What key advice would you give to current students from China who would like to get into a similar job to you?


  • First advice: be clear what you would like to do, applying the jobs that you believe can be a path to your future career target. 
  • Second advice: make your CV clearly demonstrate your strength, for example, in self-assessment section.  
  • Third advice: when you have interview opportunities, be well-prepared for the interview, check the company’s background, be confident, think carefully before answering each questions.  Use examples when you were asked about your abilities and skills.  
  • Forth advice: if there are group interviews, be friendly to your group members and be cooperative.  You might not able to be the one that talks the most, but you can be the one that every word you say, its helpful to your group tasks.