• Job Title

    Digital Project Manager
  • Company

    Large Advertising Agency
  • Country

  • Subject Studied

  • University

    University of Cambridge
  • Job Sector

    Marketing, advertising and PR

Please give a brief description of your job and what it involves

I am responsible for managing the online part of client campaigns. My work involves working with many different people including web developers, designers, the account management team etc. My work is so varied in the sense that I could be doing anything that′s needed to get the job done, from timelines, through to travel budgets etc. etc. 


Why do you think you got this job e.g. what skills/knowledge/experience etc.

Get into the industry. On graduation, I was initially working as a teacher, but was looking for another job. I gained an administrative role. The director of the company actually liked the work I did, in particular my writing skills, accuracy and attention to detail. I was offered a 2 month internship, which gave me invaluable experience of the whole process of dealing with client campaigns. In particular, I really enjoyed working with the online space for a campaign. I made sure that I learned how to use the technology effectively. I asked a lot of questions to find out as much about it as possible. I am pleased to say I was hired into my current position at the end of that summer.

What key advice would you give to current Canadian students who would like to get into a similar job to you?


Do your research on the advertising industry. Then make an informed approach to people you would like to work for. Look for project managers at companies and ask to have an informational interview. This is a much more effective way of getting your foot in the door than simply sending your resume to HR departments.