Graduate Case Studies :: malaysia :: Nanda


  • Country
  • Company
    Artha Synergy Sdn Bhd
  • Job Sector
    Business, Accounting & Finance
  • Job Title
    Managing Director

Nanda is the Managing Director of Artha Synergy Sdn Bhd in Selangor, Malaysia. Below she talks about her career and how she accomplished her goals, and gives you advice on how to be successful in your future.

What typical tasks and activities does your current role involve?

I run a company which base business is financial consultancy. We restructure companies to enable them to obtain financial assistance from financial institution. This includes drawing up working papers and advising clients on ways to manage their finances.

My company is also involved in the mining business where we are mine contractors for iron ore mines in Malaysia. We are currently in the talks of expanding to other mines as well. At the same time, another arm of the company does cleaning services whereby we have secured cleaning projects for commercial and residential buildings as well as hotels.

What skills, knowledge and experience contributed to you getting this job?

It was my interest in running my own business. I am very observant and curious. I started doing research on various business opportunities while I was still in the UK. Studying in the UK definitely broadened my business sense and helped me to diversify my thoughts and ideas.

What key advice would you give to current Malaysian students who would like to get similar work to yours?

Business opportunities are aplenty in Malaysia and England. Make use of your time in the UK and learn and synergise ideas.Most importantly you must be fuelled by passion and determination.