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    Dell Services
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    Enterprise Senior Analyst

Azmy is an Enterprise Senior Analyst (Global) for Dell Services in Penang, Malaysia. Below he talks about his career and how he accomplished his goals, and gives you advice on how to be successful in your future.

What typical tasks and activities does your current role involve?

I conduct internal audits and develop sharepoints for the global team I am a part of. We support Dell Commercial Technical Support Operations globally via process and tool enhancements.

What skills, knowledge and experience contributed to you getting this job?

Most important is communication skill, followed by problem solving skill and last but not least technical skill (web development and IT knowledge).

What key advice would you give to current Malaysian students who would like to get similar work to yours?

Communication and an analytical mind is key, no matter what job you′re in.

Do you have any other useful advice for other current students and graduates?

You don′t have to spend hours in a library to study. What works for me is a comfortable environment, and thats usually in my own room with a mug of hot chocolate. I usually take very little notes during lectures, only the main key words and facts. After the lecture I usually go straight to the library and borrow books that are recommended for that lecture and study at home.