Graduate Case Studies :: malaysia :: Andy


  • Country
  • Company
    Maybank Investment Bank
  • Job Sector
    Business, Accounting & Finance
  • Job Title
    Strategy and Transformation

Andy works in Strategy and Transformation at Maybank Investment Bank in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Below he talks about his career and how he accomplished his goals, and gives you advice on how to be successful in your future.

What typical tasks and activities does your current role involve?

Strategising for new market entry (countries - i.e. setting up investment banks, and acquisitions) - involves strategic market assessments, Feasibility studies, finding the potential targetspartnerships and executing the strategies. Pitching for investment deals i.e. private placement, M&A, and equity transactions. Organising business events - conferences, talks, etc

What skills, knowledge and experience contributed to you getting this job?

Luck, I was just looking around for a better opportunity. Timely, this opportunity came when I realised I wanted something different, at the same time i could apply the skills and experiences I had acquired from my previous job as a Consultant in Strategic Management with KPMG. Willingness to learn - never be afraid to empty your glass and begin a new journey.

What key advice would you give to current Malaysian students who would like to get similar work to yours?

Work hard and study smart in University. Experience is key, go for internship opportunities, keep applying and don′t give up. There is no short cut. You have to start somewhere.

Do you have any other useful advice for other current students and graduates?

Be passionate in what you do or choose to do.