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Protsahan India is a youth led organisation that has traversed a path breaking journey since 2010 as a non-profit organisation, working under two broad heads of Creative Education and Skill Development.

We work at the grassroots level in urban slums and on streets in India empowering marginalised children and women from lowest income backgrounds. We started with educating seven little girls from slums who were being sexually abused. We started with a one room creative arts school in Delhi. Today we have touched the lives of over 1200 children from streets and slums who were subjected to sexual abuse and drug abuse.

Protsahan India works to harness the creative potential of a child who has never had the chance to go to school and has ended up on the street begging at a red light signal, abused at a brothel or is under substance abuse. We believe in creative arts as a means to further education and vocational skill based training to mainstream them. Our projects focus on at risk children on streets and marginalised women facing abuse and injustice. All our projects have an extremely high youth involvement, creating participatory platforms promoting the spirit of volunteerism amongst the youth of the country as well.

What attributes do you look for when recruiting graduates?

We are basically looking for volunteers from universities and schools in the United Kingdom who wish to intern in India. We look at empathy and commitment for three months or more while selecting volunteers from esteemed universities as a part of a fellowship programme.

What key advice would you give to Indian students/graduates who would like to work for your company?

We are looking for future social entrepreneurs and change makers who believe in changing the world, one step at a time, one life at a time. If you think you have it in you - we need you.

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