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Cutting Edge Promotions Pvt Ltd (Cutting Edge) brings a powerful, yet versatile, internationally-proven marketing channel and communications medium to India for the first time.

The company specializes in developing and maintaining an exclusive network of salons, beauty parlours and barber shops for effective utilization as a Media Channel for a variety of modes of consumer brand communications.

With currently almost 1,000 salons in our network and a target of 10,000 by December 2013, Cutting Edge is the clear market leader in its field.

The diversity of our network and the data we collect on our outlets allows our clients to successfully hone in on a particular consumer target market using a variety of metrics.

Also, the comfortable and prolonged salon experience provides a unique environment in which to reach consumers. It is very effectivel in achieving any combination of several objectives with above average response rates. Objectives such as:

  • Raising brand or product awareness, recall and familiarity.
  • Communicating in-depth brand messages.
  • Delivery of samples.
  • Trial generation.
  • BTL delivery (leaflets, vouchers, brochures, competitions, etc)
  • Targeted consumer data capture.
  • Gaining targeted consumer market research and insight.
  • Generating positive word of mouth recommendations.

What attributes do you look for when recruiting graduates?

The ideal candidates are good communicators with initiative, flexibility, organisational and marketing skills. They have some working experience in a sales or customer support environment and are willing to travel across India. They would have to work closely with our channel partners and visit them regularly on field visits. The candidate should be eager to get hands-on Field Sales experience and get a good experience in advertising through an innovative channel.

They will enjoy working in a multi-faceted team and be comfortable working with a variety of customers and suppliers. International experience is a distinct advantage.

What key advice would you give to Indian students/graduates who would like to work for your company?

Understand our business, be pro-active and flexible. Do not be afraid to use your initiative but accept that there will be external constraints inhibiting the perfect solution. Do avoid the them and us; worker/boss mentality. The relationship between employer and employee is a commercial contract that should be mutually beneficial.

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