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Callido Learning is an education technology company at the intersection of pedagogy, technology and creativity. We build online resources for higher order skill development. Founded by Ivy League graduates who have had varied international careers, at Callido we strive every day to give every student that a-ha moment. We do it using technology and creativity. And pepper it with decades of teaching experience and cutting-edge pedagogy, so high-quality learning actually takes place. We work with students and educational institutes to provide customised solutions which suit their requirements. Callido builds 21st century learners in 15+ different countries internationally across multiple curricula. What we do At Callido Learning, we develop digital learning products focused on developing 21st Century skills (critical thinking, communication, research, collaboration). High school students buy our digital products because we guide them through immersive research challenges that engage them while developing these skills. Schools buy our products because teachers get ready-made lesson plans and can incorporate 21st C skills into their curricula. They also get data-driven insights on each student.

What attributes do you look for when recruiting graduates?

Strong problem solving ability Interested in growth and learning Excellent interpersonal skills, strong written and oral communication skills Independent and enthusiastic Creative and logical thinker, action oriented Enjoys working with students and schools

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Location: Mumbai, india

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Callido Learning
Ground Floor, Raghuvanshi Mills, Senpati Bapat Marg,
Lower Parel, Gandhi Nagar, Upper Worli, Worli,
Mumbai ,400013