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A service company and authorised money service operator offering innovative payment solutions to private and business industry with network of locations across Asia and rest of the word, a broad spectrum of services that include , Remittances, Foreign Exchange, Business Payments, Utility payments,Advisory Services and payments over various methods . The Group launched Its first operation in 2000 in India and now operates as the world’s leading independent payments and foreign exchange business. ATW operates from strategic important locations to serve global clients. We provide cash, bank credits, e-wallet credits and pre-paid cards to large customers.

The exchange services that we offer the ease and convenience of provident individual and corporate of various services such as foreign visits , business payments, foreign living expenses, utility payments, merchant services guided by respective central bank rules & regulations. AML/CFT guidelines have forced all individuals & organizations to rethink of their foreign exchange,Investment, spending strategy, ATW plays major role providing seamless payments services as AML/CFT guidelines.

Unlike conventional remittance and exchange companies the ATW business approach is cost cost effective, innovative and fast utilizing technology based infrastructure with global network partners for payments to serve a large clientele, positioning and branding across the global.

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