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Company Overview

Worldwide Infosoft Services (WIS) is an emerging IT consulting company providing end to end corporate services and solutions.

Our primary focus is to provide affordable software solutions for our clientele with an edge of technological advancement and change driven ideology. WIS has consulting practice and service oriented delivery with experienced IT professionals in Software Engineering, Business process transformation, software quality assurance, Off-the-shelf technology solutions on a case by case basis to satisfy specific requirements of our clients.

We leverage our proven expertise in developing technology to drive business efficiency and productivity to satisfy customers increasingly demanding requirement to improve operational efficiency, higher employee productivity, faster go-to-market, and maximized customer satisfaction.

WIS′s portfolio of engagements and successes gauges footprints globally in Europe, USA and Asia. WIS deploys a global delivery model for Enterprise Solutions, Client Relationship Management, Business Intelligence, Business Process Operations and Quality Management, Product Lifecycle Management, and Infrastructure Management Services by facilitating skilled technical resources, technical consulting and project management for our clients.

WIS is determined to emerge as a leader in niche areas like mobile computing, embedded engineering and web-based services that drive business efficiency. We vouch for our strict adherence to quality standards to create and deliver value through technology.

At the core of the company’s philosophy lies its focus on fulfilling the role of a responsible service provider, committed to best practices. The company understands that in order to realise this vision, it needs to achieve industry leading benchmarks in corporate governance, delivery excellence and employee satisfaction.

We are a part of the WMS (Worldwide Materials Sourcing LLC. (USA)), a global industrial conglomerate and one of the top Oilfield Machinery Suppliers to Middle East, USA and Europe. The Group’s interests span automotive products, oil fields supplies and energy generation equipments, some of which are patented by WMS.

What attributes do you look for when recruiting graduates?

  1. Good communication skills.
  2. Clear thought processes.
  3. Good technical know-how.

What key advice would you give to India students/graduates who would like to work for your company?

Be thorough with theory! The market needs practical personnel. If you know things theoretically, we can quickly implement it in reality.

Know what you want to pursue as a career and what the company expects from you. We can both grow together.

Worldwide Infosoft Services



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