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Company Overview

Wipro′s Global IT business caters to more than 150 global Fortune 500 clients across financial services, retail, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare services, energy and utilities, technology, telecom and media. We employ over 120,000 people from over 70 nationalities and 72 plus global delivery centres across five continents.

Starting off as a consumer products business, Wipro then diversified into newer areas including IT hardware and IT services. Such has been the dynamic power of the organisation that over the past 50 years, Wipro has evolved into a leading global IT company, a company which has pioneered many an innovation in the IT services, BPO and R&D services space.

What attributes do you look for when recruiting graduates?

We look for a candidate to be proficient in their chosen field and that they undertake good preparation for the interview. However, bear in mind that our decision does not lie on these grounds alone.

What key advice would you give to India students/graduates who would like to work for your company?

With the inclusion of new talent we want you to be not only technically competitive but also guide you to take the path of a future leader who can bring in new ideas into Wipro IT Business. We give you the opportunity to be an integral part of Wipro’s talented team.

Wipro Technologies

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