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Company Overview

Wiley Edge gives you the edge in your career.

Our graduate program has helped over 2,000 graduates get a foot in the door in technology, banking and business.

It starts with 3-12 weeks of paid training at our Academy. Then you’ll join one of our clients for 12-24 months (we work with investment banks and other big companies in industries from healthcare to aviation to insurance). You’re supported by us throughout, with an online learning plan to develop your skills.

Afterwards, the vast majority of graduates continue their career with the client.

In March 2023, Wiley Edge launched an exclusive partnership with Columbia Univ. School of Engineering. All Wiley Edge Alumni are now eligible to receive two Executive Education certificates from Columbia Engineering as part of their Academy and industry placement experience at no cost. Further, all participating Alumni will have access to the Columbia Engineering network and ongoing training.


What key advice would you give to India students/graduates who would like to work for your company?

  • You must prepare yourself for the interview and gather information that may be useful in the interview.
  • Brushing up on your academics, past work experience is certainly helpful.
  • During interview always be enthusiastic. Focus on your positive achievements and views.


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