Company Overview

For more than 26 years, Dell has empowered countries, communities and customers everywhere to use technology to realise their dreams. Customers trust us to deliver technology solutions that help them do and achieve more, whether they’re at home, work, school or anywhere in their world. Learn more about our story, purpose and people behind our customer-centric approach.

From an unconventional PC startup to a global technology leader; the common thread in Dell’s heritage is an unwavering commitment to the customer.

What attributes do you look for when recruiting graduates?

We look for:

  • Communication skills
  • Flexibility
  • Adaptability
  • Speed
  • Way of presentation

What key advice would you give to India students/graduates who would like to work for your company?

We require you to prepare a well-structured and detailed resume. We want you to cross boundaries and show off everything you know to us.


Chennai INDIA


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