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We believe that each child can and should receive excellent education. To get there we need leaders in all sectors involved in overcoming the education inequality in this country. Our theory of change consists of two parts:


includes the Teach For Bulgaria program. It is an instrument for selection and training of capable and outstanding university students approaching graduation and professionals from various fields to work full-time as highly effective teachers of students who need help and support the most. Our teachers work tirelessly to mend the vast gaps their students struggle with, at the same time helping them master the academic and everyday skills required for success. In the line of their work, teachers develop leadership skills and come to intimately know the challenges the Bulgarian education system faces.

The vision of Teach For Bulgaria is that one day every child in Bulgaria will have access to quality education, regardless of the school he/she goes to, the town or village he/she resides in or if his/her parents have any financial means or not.

As part of the Teach For All international network, Teach For Bulgaria works in partnership with more than 40 organizations on 6 continents to expand the education opportunities for all students around the world. Teach for Bulgaria was initiated and financially supported by the America for Bulgaria Foundation.


involves Teach For Bulgaria alumni and all trainees successfully finishing the two-year leadership development program. Upon completion of the program they continue their development as active advocates of educational systemic change through direct work in or outside school. Over 70% of our 164 alumni to date continue to develop in schools and in the education sector, while the rest are in the business and entrepreneurship sector. Teach for Bulgaria supports alumni to engage in communities of practice in one of the following: policies, leadership in teaching, social entrepreneurship and community change.

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Teach for Bulgaria (Zaedno v chas) is a member of the international network Teach For All. We train and support exceptionally capable university graduates and leaders from a variety of disciplines and career interests, to become teachers in Bulgarian schools for a period of two years, as well as longterm supporters of our cause. We believe that every child deserves equal access to quality education, despite their socioeconomic factors – where they were born or what education their parents received. 
With significant training and ongoing support from our team, participants work as teachers in public schools to improve students’ motivation to learn, skills to achieve high results, as well as their self-confidence and grit.    

Our program provides a great opportunity for talented graduates and professionals to continue their professional development with teaching and at the same time gaining training and connections to mentors from the business and our international network of high achievers in 50 countries.

We are now looking for participants to join our program starting from July 2019 till June 2021. 

Apply on our website: www.zaednovchas.bg

The candidates need to:

  •  be highly motivated about being part of the solution to Bulgaria’s greatest injustice – the unequal access to excellent education;
  •  be willing to work full-time as teachers in the two-year duration of the program;
  •  be Bulgarian citizens or be fluent Bulgarian speakers who are eligible to work in the country (EU citizens);
  • have obtained a bachelor degree before September 2019.  

Teach for Bulgaria offers:   

  •  training based on the “Teaching as Leadership” model and a holistic program for     leadership development;   
  •  teaching certification obtained from a Bulgarian partner university; the certification is valid after the program; 
  •  mentorship from some of the most successful business leaders from our corporate partners; 
  • monthly financial aid in addition to your salary as a teacher;
  • a summer project or an internship in the summer between the two years of the program;
  •  support with your further career orientation during the second year of the program;
  •  access to Teach For All, the international network of outstanding participants and alumni who work in all sectors and stay lifelong committed to addressing the educational inequity.