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Romaero is an aerospace company that integrates two major activities: aerostructure manufacturing and maintenance and repair for civil and military transport aircraft. It is the largest company in the Romanian Aerospace Industry with 100 years of tradition in this field and is located near the Baneasa Airport platform.

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Technological Development Engineer

Location: Bucharest, Romania

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Ficuslui Blvd., 44
Bucharest ROMANIA

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Technological Development Engineer

(ROMANIA) and Bucharest
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Functional Area/Experience:
Engineering / 2 Years
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Job Description & Qualifications

The ideal candidate: - Bachelor′s Degree - Faculty of Aerospace Engineering - Specialization Aerospace Equipment and Installations / Aerospace Constructions; - Previous experience in an aeronautical / aerospace company (It is an advantage - experience in resistance calculation); - Experience gained through participation in aeronautical / aerospace projects; - Minimum 2 years of experience in the field of interest; - Design knowledge; Specific training, certified; - Advanced knowledge and experience in using CATIA V5; - Knowledge of advanced English. Knowledge of foreign languages ‚Äč‚Äčother than English (German, French) is advantageous. Job description: - Contributes to the initiation, planning, development, coordination and execution of R & D projects; - Participates in aeronautical and aerospace design activities; - Provides technical solutions to problems arising from the themes of aeronautical / aerospace research and development projects; - Keep in touch with representatives of other departments, partners or internal and / or external clients; - Provides consultations from the position of recognized authority in the field; - Reports the progress of the chief designer′s work and head of the center.