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 Xi′an LONGI Silicon Materials Corp. ("LONGI"for short), established in 2000, has now developed as a global famous manufacturer of mono ingot & wafer. LONGI′s strength comes from the experiences accumulated in semiconductor industry, mass production, continuous cost control and persistent pursuit on technology and quality.

 LONGI is headquartered at Xian National Civil Aerospace Industrial Base, its crystal pulling factories are located at Zhongning and Yinchuan of Ningxia, and slice factories at Xi′an and Wuxi. By the end of 2010, LONGI was capable of producing and processing 3,500 tons of mono ingots and 470MW of mono wafers. With the mission to "provide solar grade silicon wafers of high quality, bring clean energy to human being", LONGI plans the production capacity rationally, reduces costs constantly, improves products quality and strengthens refined management.

 LONGI insists on the development mode of "specialization, scalization and branding", striving to create a global-leading manufacturer of solar silicon materials, promoting the early arrival of "fair-price age" of photovoltaic power generation, and helping more people to enjoy the clean energy.

 Member Companies/Productiono Bases

 Through years of development and integration and by principle of rational allocation of resources, LONGI centers at Xi′an - an important city in Northwest China, and owns two crystal pulling production bases in Zhongning and Yinchuan of Ningxia and two slice production bases in Xi′an and Wuxi, as well as a technology-leading mortar recovery company in Xi′an - Xi′an Tongxin Semiconductor Materials Co., Ltd.

 Rational factory layout and efficient resource allocation improve the competitiveness of the company. LONGI continuously improves collectivization management and control structures and strives to form an efficient management mode.


 The company keeps strategic cooperative partnership with upstream and downstream of the photovoltaic industry chain to promote formation of the good industrial ecological chain; concentrates on advantageous resources to develop R&D capacity of crystal pulling and slice technologies, improve the crystal pulling and slice process level, and keep the professional leading in this section; provides customers with specialized value-added services, promotes improvement of products and cooperation and enhances customer value through quick customer feedback and considerate technical services.


 The company rationally plans the market-oriented production capacity to ensure customer needs and increase market share; meanwhile, dilutes R&D and management costs, reduces supply chain and logistic costs and further optimizes system process costs.


Our major advantages: 

  •  Advanced technical process in crystal pulling and slice fields and continuous innovation investment;
  • Focusing on solar monocrystalline silicon domain, cooperating with upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and concentrating on improving product and service quality; 
  • Original understanding on cost control and control capacity of refined management;
  • Cooperating with international leading solar cell companies and upstream suppliers;
  • Professional core management team and technology team with high quality and strong cohesion.



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