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XD-GE Automation Co., Ltd(XD-GE Auto in short) was established by the powerful combination of XD Electric Company Limited and GE Digit Energy Group. China XD is one of the biggest equipment manufacturers in PTD field, while GE Digit Energy Group is a business group subordinated to General Electric. This strategic cooperation is a huge opportunity for XD Group and GE Digit Energy Group to strengthen the competitiveness of both sides has the ability to provide extensive PTD products and power network automation for clients in the world.

The main businesses for XD-GE Auto are the electric power automation control, protection, measurement, communication equipment, power monitoring, power qualit and energy management system, energy management, power distribution outage management and the software development, design, manufacture, sales, installation and service for geographic information systems, as well as for Self-and agent all above items and software import and export services.

XD-GE Auto is dedicated to the technical innovation, concerned to the staff development and keeping the sustaining increase, urging itself to be one o the best companies in this industry as for the clients, employees or shareholders. 



西电通用电气自动化有限公司致力于技术的革新、关注员工的发展以及保持持续的增长, 这使我们成为无论对客户,还是对员工和股东而言,都竭力做到业内最好的公司。


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