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Shaanxi Haisheng Fresh Fruit Juice Co Ltd, the national flagship enterprise in agriculture industrialisation, is the world′s largest fruit vegetable juice concentrate producer manufacturer.

Haisheng was founded in 1996. In 2005, Goldman Sachs invested in the group, which was listed on the main board Hong Kong Stock Exchange at the same time.

Shaanxi Haisheng Fresh Fruit Juice Co Ltd is produces and sells fruit juice concentrate and related products - 95 per cent of which is exported to more than 30 countries, including America, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, Russia and Japan.

Haisheng has established stable relationships with many major international companies including Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Kraft, Nestle. We also have high market shares globally, including 35 per cent of the North American market, 30 per cent of the Russian market, 11 percent of the European market and 16 per cent of the Asian-Pacific market.

Haisheng has developed production capacity, revenue and has successfully moved from a single product structure to a diversified structure - moving us from fifth in Shaanxi to first in the world in this field.

Haisheng also contributes to the local development in raising incomes, providing jobs, promoting advanced agricultural knowledge technology to the people there, as well as helping the growth of the planting industry.

Every year, Haisheng will purchase more than a million tons of apples from a million local apple planters. Haisheng actively cooperates with the local government to teach planters advanced scientific cultivation skills.

With the development of the company itself, Haisheng treats the local economic development as its responsibility as well - trying its best to contribute to the development of industry and the economy of regions.

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