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PFW Xi’an Mechanical Manufacturing Company Ltd was established in 2007. We manufacture a comprehensive range of components for the Aerospace Industry, state of the art NC machines, inspection equipment and non-destructive testing.  We can also supply quality assured components at a very competitive price. We have AS9100 and ISO9001 certification and quality approvals from blue chip companies such as Airbus, Goodrich, Rolls Royce, Fast and Bombardier.

PFW Aerospace AG was founded in 1913, having almost 100 years experience in the aircraft manufacturing industry as a famous parts supplier. The headquarters are in Germany, and the company had manufacturing bases in over 13 districts and countries, including Farnborough, Nuneaton, Izmir, South America, Nanterre, Nagoya, Dallas, Singapore etc.

PFW Aerospace provides a unique service in Aeronautical structural components, mainly piping systems, cargo loading systems, structures and assembly parts etc.  Group clients include: Airbus, Boeing, GE, Honeywell, Bombardier.

With 97 years experience in the Aerospace industry, PFW Aerospace can provide a high-performance service to each series aircraft, from design to batch production, and provide technical support for the whole product life cycle.

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