Guangzhou Service Center for Scholarly Exchange

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Guangzhou Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (GZSCSE) was formed from the merger of the Overseas Education Service Center of Education Ministry-Guangzhou Branch and Guangzhou Service and Administration Centre for Overseas Students in 1999. The Centre is the government front (and the unique management institute) appointed by the Guangzhou Municipal Government to provide comprehensive services for overseas students.

It combines the service function of certification for education, qualification of the education committee, the service for those people pursuing overseas study funded by National Fund Committee, and the return service for Guangzhou overseas Chinese students.

GZSCSE is the only institution appointed by the Ministry of Education (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan area) to:

  • shoulder certification for overseas education and qualification
  • send people funded by government from four provinces in South China appointed by the National Fund Committee
  • apply and give special funding for overseas Chinese students in Guangzhou
  • certify overseas students’ identification

Presently, GZSCSE has eight operation departments:

  • Return country department
  • Service management department of foreign experts
  • Advising department
  • Rong Hong School training department of study abroad
  • Hunter department
  • International exchange department
  • Overseas employment department

It also has two logistics supporting departments:

  • Administrative department
  • Information management department

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Guangzhou Service Center for Scholarly Exchange