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China Petroleum Logging Company Ltd was founded in 2002 and is a subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corporation, and is registered in XI’an Hi-tech Industries Development Zone.

The company specialises in well logging technology, logging technology R&D , logging equipment manufacturing, logging services, data processing and interpretation and new technology application and dissemination. We have 150 sets of our EILog system in use in more that 10 countries.

China Petroleum Logging Company Ltd has an established R&D base in Beijing, China and Houston, USA.  We also have subsidiary logging service divisions in Changqing, Huabei, Tuaha, Qinghai, Tarim and an International Division

With 6,000-plus employees, we work with customers to engineer reliable application-specific products and services that create more value from the reservoir. The company currently has 2,069 technicians, about 37.6% of the total employees.

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Team Leader (Drilling Data Transmission)

Location: Xi'an, china

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