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 professional service company and manufacturer of Electromagnetic Coils for Flowmeters, Wind Generators, Electric Motors, Solenoids, Solar Power, Lighting, Petro-Chemical and Automotive industries.


     Our mission statement


 “To be THE preferred supplier in the Electro-magnetic Coil manufacturing industry”



     ■ 1948 - Anstee & Ware (Bristol) established in United Kingdom as Electric Motor repair and rewind centre by Mr George Anstee and Mr Victor Ware.

     ■ 1980 - Anstee & Ware (Swindon) established in Swindon Wiltshire UK.

     ■ 1990 - Anstee & Ware (Glos) Ltd Coil Manufacturing Facility and Electric Motor repair centre established in Stonehouse Gloucestershire UK.

     ■ 1992 - Anstee & Ware (Wales) established in Cwmbran, Wales.

     ■ 1996 - Anstee & Ware (Midlands) Ltd established in Castle Donnington UK.

     ■ 1997 - Anstee & Ware (Glos) Ltd expansion to dedicated new coil manufacturing facility.

     ■ 1998 - Anstee & Ware (Midlands) Ltd dedicated Traction Generator repair centre established in Castle Donnington UK.

     ■ 2007 - Anstee & Ware (Wales) relocate to modern bespoke premises in Cardiff following the acquisition of Gwynutts Electrical.

     ■ 2014 - Anstee (Changzhou) Coil Technology established in China serving the Asian and Australasian markets.

     ■ 2015 - Ansteecoil South America TBA.

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