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This higher educational institution has been established since 1969 providing educational needs for Malaysian students from lower income families. This, has however, over the years changed and opens its door to international students as well.

The College has a long-term plan to upgrade its status to University level, and at present, it has five schools offering various discipline of studies. Namely the School of Pre-U Studies, School of Art and Science, School of Business, School of Technology and School of Social Science and Humanities. There is a huge student population of approximately 20,000 across its campuses in Malaysia.

What attributes do you look for when recruiting graduates?

The College has always been welcoming graduates with passion to teach and an interest to serve the betterment of the College and its students. At present, graduates with working experiences and a good network of industry affiliates stands a good chance to be employed.

What key advice would you give to Asean students/graduates who would like to work for your company?

It is always good to start from the bottom if the situation gets competitive. It is also advisable to establish contacts even before graduation to prospect for employment as the College always in the hunt for part-time tutor in providing up-to-date knowledge in all courses of study offered. Never be choosy and be diplomatic during interview session, apart from the normal preparation for a job.

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