Company Overview

Vietnam National Textile Garment Group (Vinatex) is a complex that is owned by companies including Vietnam Textile Garment Group (the mother company), the centers for research and training, and nearly 120 sub-companies. These sub-companies are joint stock companies that do business in different fields, e.g., produce textile garments and run commercial services. They also have their distribution systems including wholesale and retail dealers. They invest in finance and in supporting main garment textile production. Vinatex is one of the largest and the most competitive textile garment corporations in Asia.

With its strategy for developing the Vietnamese textile garment industry until 2015 oriented towards 2020, Vinatex will concentrate on specialization and modernization to make the leap for the added value of textile garment products. It will do this by carrying out two tasks. The first task is to implement three decisive programs for the sustainable, stable and long-term development of the Vietnamese textile garment industry; these are first, cotton planting; second, high-quality spinning fabrics and third, human resources training. The second task is to complete capitalization of all state-owned textile garment enterprises in 2008 and capitalization of Vinatex in 2013.

Vinatex – the largest entrepreneur of the Vietnamese National Textile Garment Industry will actively join the general strategy that was set up by the whole industry. Vinatex will become a corporation owned by many companies. This group will be ranked among Top 10 Global Textile Garment Groups by 2015.

Vinatex has had a commercial relationship with more than 400 corporations and companies from 65 countries and territorial regions. Its export value has accounted for over 20% of the total export turnover of the Vietnamese textile garment industry.

Vinatex has advocated opening joint-venture business co-operations - both domestically and abroad - to build large and stable export markets and call investment capital from strategic investors for long-term cooperation for mutual benefits.



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