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As business in Bangladesh has grown, commercial and business law has become more widely practiced. Bangladesh’s modern judicial system serves as a foundation of society. This means that the demand for legal jobs is constant and sure to stay. The field is highly diverse with specialisation taking place in a number of areas including: contract, criminal, employment, family, and business law. Another important discipline is international law – the body of rules that govern nations and how they interact.


Some Renowned Law Firms in Bangladesh


When looking to fill legal vacancies, employers are looking for intelligent, dynamic characters, capable of fast thinking, strong analytical skills, eagerness to learn, good understanding of the Bangladeshi law. Hours can be long and the law requires a thorough approach, so if you’re thinking of a career in the field, you need to be truly dedicated to the cause.


Law vacancy sources:


Bangladesh Law Associations:

Bangladesh Supreme Court Bar Association
Bangladesh Bar Council,
Dhaka Bar Assocation,
Bangladesh National Woman Lawyers' Association
BD Law Society
The Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association (BELA)